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All work is custom tailored to mesh with each client’s unique culture and to ensure relevance to current business realities. The workshops are interactive, upbeat, entertaining, engaging, and most importantly participants are equipped with proven, pragmatic and memorable models, tools and principles that can be applied immediately. The workshops incorporate adult-learning principles in order to maximize retention and application of the learning. No fluff, hyperbole, rhetoric or complicated models. The insights are easily understood, relevant and applicable. Organizations and individuals are positioned to yield results immediately.

Workshop Options: Full Day • Half Day • Executive Overview


Accountability is the Catalyst to: Accelerated Change, Robust Employee Engagement, Intensified Ownership, Relentless Perseverance, Impeccable Alignment, and propels individuals, teams and organizations to intoxicating heights of achievement and success. With the world coming at us fast and furious every day, it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost control of your own life, your team or your organization. By choosing to take and lead accountability you reclaim control and are able to direct your own destiny.

  • Develop the agility, flexibility and resiliency to adapt and thrive during constant change.
  • Foster collaboration, camaraderie and teamwork.
  • Instill a can-do, resolute, solutions focus mindset in the face of difficult challenges, obstacles and barriers.
  • Eradicate the blame-game and vanquish excuse-making that stifle peak performance.
  • Shed feelings of disarray, discomfort, apathy, entitlement, indifference and despair.
  • Unleash voluntary contributions of discretionary performance that is often left untapped in individuals, teams and organizations.
  • Establish Unshakable Trust and Credibility.


Leading Change – igniting engagement, passion, ownership and creativity that is often lacking during times of change can be accomplished using key memorable and pragmatic principles. Learn why some organizations achieve and exceed desired results, while nearly 75% of others fail or produce mediocre results. By implementing proven change principles that have allowed teams and organizations around the globe to accelerate and sustain desired change, you can gain a competitive advantage.

  • Ignite a heightened sense of urgency, accountability, and ownership at all levels of your organization.
  • Discover what it takes to move employees from compliance to commitment.
  • Learn how to spark innovation and creativity.
  • Enhance your ability to influence and communicate.
  • Understand the critical difference between leading and managing change.
  • Avoid the primary pitfalls and traps that sabotage most change efforts.


There are companies and entrepreneurs (Destructive Competition) at this moment looking to reinvent the way your business is done. How many bookstores were wiped out because of What happened to Kodak? Blockbuster? Sears? Woolworth’s? Nokia? Rest assured someone somewhere is about to revolutionize your industry.

We are in a brawl with few rules, where the fast, flexible, and agile will eat and spit out the slow, over-thinking, and complacent. Individuals, teams, and organizations that fail to adapt will find themselves vulnerable, uncomfortable, and at the mercy of other people, events, or the competition.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been expunged, teams eliminated, and firms driven to extinction due to ERP, SAP, the Internet, or White-Collar Robots (EX: Cash Machines). Blue-collar robots came and triumphed. The new target – White-collar world. Are you, your team, and your company confident that the value you exhibit outweighs these new options?

  • Learn to differentiate in a sea of sameness. Distinct or extinct?
  • Develop tenacity, resolve and agility to secure your spot in the New World of Work.
  • Understand why many individuals, teams and organizations are losing in the New World of Work.
  • Adopt the key principles that will secure your position in the New World of Work.


Your culture is your ‘brand.’ The experiences your culture creates will either reinforce that current ‘brand’ or evoke a new one. You can either lead your culture, or it will lead you. An organization’s (or team’s) culture is either an engine propelling it toward it’s desired results, or an anchor impeding and hindering it’s progress. Culture, simply put, is the convergence of the way your employees think and act. That culture is producing your organization’s every result. If your future desired results are loftier, more difficult, of just different than those you are achieving today, will your current culture be able to deliver?

  • Learn how to create shifts in the way employees think and act in order to escalate organizational performance.
  • Understand how to identify the root cause of undesired beliefs and how to nurture desired beliefs and actions.
  • Discover how to gain voluntary commitment from colleagues – Stop wasting time enforcing compliance around policies and procedures.
  • Develop a culture where employees ‘bring more of themselves’ to the workplace.
  • Create organizational laser-like focus on what matters most – Eliminate confusion, misunderstanding, miscommunication, mistrust, frustration and indifference.
  • Acquire principles and tools to help you clearly define and then create your optimal culture.


Executing any strategy that requires change in human behavior may be the most difficult challenge a leader will ever face. Two out of three crucial strategies fail to produce desired outcomes. How many of your most crucial strategies over the past three years achieved and sustained rousing success? How many slowly suffocated over time? Deciding upon new strategies and direction is challenging. Getting employees at every level to think, act and behave in a manner that assures the strategy is a success is even more difficult. Applying these principles of flawless execution will enhance your likelihood of success.

  • Learn the most common ‘de-railers’ of flawless execution and how to avoid them.
  • Internalize a common framework and methodology to ensure your top strategies are achieved.
  • Discover how to create organizational focus on critical new strategies that will ensure future success while still maintaining peak performance on the day-to-day operations.
  • Develop the ability to align, engage and enlist necessary personnel and key stakeholders.
  • Spawn a culture with heightened levels of employee engagement and commitment to achieve what matters most.
  • Understand the four principles of execution that allow you to mobilize and engage a critical mass.


Discover the practices demonstrated by exemplary leaders that result in others voluntarily choosing to follow them. Leadership is a choice and can be learned, nurtured, and refined – by employees at all levels.

Discover memorable principles that can be put into practice immediately. Whatever the desired results you wish to achieve or challenges within your organization – employee engagement, culture change, breaking down silos, improving collaboration, raising employee morale, merging cultures, doing more with less – it is through your people that you will either succeed or fail.  The manner in which your people behave is a reflection of leadership.

  • Acquire proven tools, models and principles to heighten and refine your untapped leadership potential.
  • Understand what it takes to cultivate a culture where employees ‘bring more of themselves’ to the workplace – where they are engaged, energized and flourish.
  • Grasp memorable principles that move employees from compliance to commitment.
  • Discover how to get the most out of your peers, colleagues, team, department or organization.
  • Learn to influence, transform and achieve the change that is most important to you, your team, or your organization.
Thank you SO MUCH for today’s speech. The entire audience learned some very valuable principles and gained an appreciation for the changes we can make to our lives (both personal and professional) to be more effective and enjoyable. Meredith G.


I’ve received nothing but kudos, accolades and positive feedback from all who attended. Ray G.

Abbott Laboratories

I have received an overwhelming number of fantastic comments regarding your speech. One key director told me that she believes this is the best training that she has ever been to and hopes we take a hold of what we learned and begin applying it right away!  Another told me his team absorbed a lot of practical, useful and relevant insights in only 90 minutes and that you did a great job of keeping them all interested throughout the session.  So, thank you!  We look forward to working with you again! Susan T.

American Airlines

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