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Mike’s style is engaging, upbeat, entertaining, thought provoking, compelling, and most importantly educational, relevant and impactful. Individuals, teams and organizations yield immediate results by applying what they learn.

Mike’s personal mission is to help individuals, teams and organizations accelerate their ability to achieve more than they ever believed possible. Clients describe him as inspiring, motivating and a ball of energy with an unequaled focus and passion for helping them achieve their desired results.



Accountability is the Catalyst to: Accelerated Change, Robust Employee Engagement, Intensified Ownership, Relentless Perseverance, Impeccable Alignment, and propels individuals, teams and organizations to intoxicating heights of achievement and success. Achieve With Accountability presents a recipe for awakening the whatever it takes attitude, belief, resolve, perseverance, confidence, determination, drive and creativity to achieve what matters most to individuals, teams and organizations. Discover how to transform accountability into a positive, engaging and forward looking experience that will secure your position in the new world of work. Learn how to kick-start a revolution that will blast your team or organization to new heights of success

With the world coming at us fast and furious every day, it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost control of your own life, your team or your organization. By choosing to take and lead accountability you reclaim control and are able to direct your own destiny.

Your work revolutionized me as a person. I spent hours last night sharing what I learned with people closest to me. Our executive team could not be more pleased with your ability to customize the agenda to meet our needs. Dave G.


Congratulations!  Outstanding!  Bravo!  This should do it.  I can’t wait to see the results.  It’s a pleasure working with such a prestigious professional. Congratulations on a Great Presentation Tonight!  You knocked them Dead!  Bravo and Kudos for your superb performance. Robert K.

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

I want to thank you for the wonderful program you presented.  I knew from when I first talked with you that you that you would be fabulous and you did not disappoint. Sarah J.

National Human Resources Association


Leading Change – igniting engagement, passion, ownership and creativity that is often lacking during times of change can be accomplished using key memorable and pragmatic principles. Learn why some organizations achieve and exceed desired results, while nearly 75% of others fail or produce mediocre results.

By implementing proven change principles that have allowed teams and organizations around the globe to accelerate and sustain desired change, you can gain a competitive advantage.


There are companies and entrepreneurs (Destructive Competition) at this moment looking to reinvent the way your business is done. How many bookstores were wiped out because of Amazon.com? What happened to Kodak? Blockbuster? Sears? Woolworth’s? Nokia? Rest assured someone somewhere is about to revolutionize your industry.

We are in a brawl with few rules, where the fast, flexible, and agile will eat and spit out the slow, over-thinking, and complacent. Individuals, teams, and organizations that fail to adapt will find themselves vulnerable, uncomfortable, and at the mercy of other people, events, or the competition.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been expunged, teams eliminated, and firms driven to extinction due to ERP, SAP, the Internet, or White-Collar Robots (EX: Cash Machines). Blue-collar robots came and triumphed. The new target – White-collar world. Are you, your team, and your company confident that the value you exhibit outweighs these new options?


Your culture is your ‘brand.’ The experiences your culture creates will either reinforce that current ‘brand’ or evoke a new one. You can either lead your culture, or it will lead you. An organization’s (or team’s) culture is either an engine propelling it toward it’s desired results, or an anchor impeding and hindering it’s progress.

Culture, simply put, is the convergence of the way your employees think and act. That culture is producing your organization’s every result. If your future desired results are loftier, more difficult, of just different than those you are achieving today, will your current culture be able to deliver?


Executing any strategy that requires change in human behavior may be the most difficult challenge a leader will ever face. Two out of three crucial strategies fail to produce desired outcomes. How many of your most crucial strategies over the past three years achieved and sustained rousing success? How many slowly suffocated over time?

Deciding upon new strategies and direction is challenging. Getting employees at every level to think, act and behave in a manner that assures the strategy is a success is even more difficult. Applying these principles of flawless execution will enhance your likelihood of success.


Discover the practices demonstrated by exemplary leaders that result in others voluntarily choosing to follow them. Leadership is a choice and can be learned, nurtured, and refined – by employees at all levels. Understand what it takes to cultivate a culture where employees ‘bring more of themselves’ to the workplace – where they are engaged, energized and flourish.

Discover memorable principles that can be put into practice immediately. Whatever the desired results you wish to achieve or challenges within your organization – employee engagement, culture change, breaking down silos, improving collaboration, raising employee morale, merging cultures, doing more with less – it is through your people that you will either succeed or fail.  The manner in which your people behave is a reflection of leadership.

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